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Welding specialist


Brandsigns Holdings boasts an array of services from the design phase to the final installation.


The journey always begins with a collaborative conversation.

The Brandsigns journey always begins with a collaborative conversation so that we can clearly understand our customers’ needs, objectives and gain a thorough understanding of your brand and budget. One of our highly skilled project managers will guide you through all the various phases of the project life from Design, Material and lighting specifications, Estimating and Budget Projection Costs. Our project managers have a very hands-on approach and will also provide the following services:


• Key account, dedicated single point of contact Turn key project consulting.

• Technical collaboration with industry professionals like electrical, structural and mechanical engineers as well as architects.

• Landlord signage negotiations on behalf of client and Local council signage application.



A Brandsigns Holdings representative will do a full site survey on one or multiple sites to identify the surrounding needs, accurately and pragmatically. Our analyses are thus designed to be as thorough as possible and extend over a wide scope: specifications, existing elements, constraints, building architecture, etc.


The site survey also allows us to plan the installation of the sign and to determine height and ease of access. The information and pictures from the site survey will be carried forward to the design department and it forms a critical part of the process to provide proper drawings that are too scale and to meet our valued clients high expectations



Excellence is of the essence and during this stage of the project, a visual creation becomes an object of reality and sometimes long after it was first imagined. The stakes are high and it is important for us to live up to our clients expectations.


We have professional installation teams throughout South Africa and Africa who are committed to excellence and are trained to have a high regard for health and saftey and to overcome any constraints on ground or in the air. They are extremely responsive and flexible to the needs of our customers and we are able to take on multiple ambitious role out projects simultaneously



We strive to provide a full turn-key process.


Brandsigns Holdings can also provide complete engineered drawings iif requested. The services include engineering, foundation base drawings with fabrication and fixing detail. This will then be signed off by our local structural engineer.



While our designers can dazzle you with pretty pictures, the drawings don’t always do justice to the actual finished product and sometimes one just need to touch, see and even smell it.


We can provide our clients with a range of samples, materials, lighting solutions, and structures, which we will have the honour of assembling to form a harmonious whole.


To galvanize the decisive stage for the future of the project we can build a “pilot site”or just manufacture a letter sample.


Our clients and their stakeholders can get first hand experience during this stage of what the imagination had come up with and the technical constraints or challenges we may face to achieve the collective end goal. Each parameter must be tested and adjusted to reach an optimal final version.


Each component, from point of sale signage to direction components, outdoor identity elements, and indoor signage, is subject to the same exacting standards.


We streamline, we adjust and we perfect



It is a legal requirement that all exterior signage undergo an approval process by the local municipal council prior to manufacture and installation. Brandsigns Holdings offers a service to facilitate for the approval of any exterior signage. We understand the requirements and will provide all necessary drawings and negotiate with the municipal council on your behalf if necessary.

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